Louis the Child talk new album and releases collaboration with Joey Purp

Louis the Child is set for a big 2018, and their newest release with rapper Joey Purp is only the beginning. The Chicago based production duo is known for their multi-genre releases, so “Shake Something” is a natural addition to their catalog.

The production duo has also announced that they will be releasing an album later this year, and it is expected to feature anywhere from 18 to 20 songs.

“We’re trying to like showcase a broad sound while tying it all together and being unique in its own thing.” – Louis the Child

“Shake Something” is the outcome of multiple studio days with the rapper, and according to an official release, it one of a couple of tracks created during their time together. Time will tell if an additional collaboration will be released, but for now “Shake Something” is a big start for Louis the Child and Joey Purp.

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