Aiobahn delivers quirky dance floor primed original ‘Islands’Islands Cover

Aiobahn delivers quirky dance floor primed original ‘Islands’

Somewhere between Tokyo and Seoul, South Korean beat maker Aiobahn is hard at work carving out his disctict, uniquely danceable sound that draws a heavy influence from the producer’s cultural surroundings. Since his emergence in 2015, Aiobahn has delivered consistent profile-raising material, and he’s continuing his streak of success with the release of his latest work, “Islands,” via European house imprint, Tasty. Euphoric and carefree, the track satisfies raver sensibilities, while also trodding into experiemental territory, though not too far as to lose the listener. It’s quirky and lighthearted, though it’s designed to give dance floors a swift, energetic kick.

Built around a solid four-on-the-floor clip, “Islands”┬áis strung together with an enjoyable melodic topline and subdued breaks, though it never commits to any one single genre tag. Instead, Aiobahn rounds together elements of disco and funk, house, future bass and more to develop his latest original work’s complexion. It’s the type of track you reach for when the breezy beach party you’re at reaches it’s peak, a perfect addition to anyone’s summer playlist.

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