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Alan Fitzpatrick – The Colours Of A Dream [EP Review]

Alan Fitzpatrick has committed absolute carnage in the form of a brand new EP. The Colours of a Dream is as dynamic as one might guess it, with three distinctive pounders that detonate on the dancefloor in different ways.

Colour Of A Dream” kicks the EP into action on an anthemic note, lacing empowering and nostalgic vocal clips over thunderous percussion and a memorable three-note hook. It evokes a feeling of soaring, despite anchoring the listener to the ground with its tough percussion.

Intensity grows with the tempo of “Joy Rider,” which stabs the ears with raunchy, vintage synth chords whilst building tensity with a sinister progression that strikes at all the right moments.

Eerie and ethereal breaks fuel Together Until The End,” which serves as the most euphoric offering of the EP. Though heavier in its melodic emphasis and played out with light synthesizers, The Colours of a Dream’s closer is still a mindkiller regardless. Listen closely, and its lower ends rumble to the surface.

Diverse and pungent per Fitzpatrick’s usual standards, The Colours of a Dream outlines the level of boldness followers have come to expect from his We Are The Brave imprint.

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