Autograf releases infectious new single ‘Dead Soon’Autograf Dead Soon Feat. Lils Bonsai Mammal

Autograf releases infectious new single ‘Dead Soon’

Chicago trio Autograf is back the form of the new single “Dead Soon” with Lils and Bonsai Mammal.

” ‘Dead Soon’ is about the urgency of life. It’s about going after your dreams today, chasing after love now, and just saying fuck it to all the insignificant things in life because we might be ‘Dead Soon.’ Everyday, we ask ourselves if this is our last day living, are we truly doing what we want to be doing in life? It’s this mentality that led us to quit our day jobs and pursue music full time. For us, death is a powerful concept that allows us to value the preciousness of life, and drives us to not waste any moment of it.” – Autograf to Billboard

The soft melody blends commercial house and progressive synths, with the end result a catchy tune sure to appeal to a wide audience.

“Dead Soon” is out now on Casablanca Records.

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