Beach House – DiveBeach House

Beach House – Dive

Beach House shared the second single from their forthcoming seventh album, Dive. The band’s latest piece is a heavenly mix of melodic instrumentation, alluring vocals, and minimalist beats. As the track builds, prominent lines of guitar and bass saturate the sound, and the percussion escalates from mellow to energetic. Victoria Legrand’s mesmerizing voice adds a breathtaking dimension to the track, as her soft soft delivery is amplified by copious reverb and stands in contrast to unwavering undertones.

Hailing from Baltimore, Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand are acclaimed for their vibrant dream pop style. Last month, the duo shared “Lemon Glow” as a preview to Dive. With a taste of what’s to come from Beach House, the duo will undoubtedly deliver yet another spellbinding album full of surprises for listeners.

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