Four Tet reworks Bicep’s ‘Opal’ into a contemplative club gemBicep Opal Four Tet Remi Scaled

Four Tet reworks Bicep’s ‘Opal’ into a contemplative club gem

Four Tet has remixed Bicep’s “Opal,” a crown jewel lifted from the Belfast duo’s self-titled debut album, which coalesces the halcyon days of club culture with a unique marriage of Italo house and glitzy electro.

Celebrated for his own work as a producer, Four Tet’s remixes have always brought an identifiable, idiosyncratic approach to his source material — a capitalization on the creative avenues for tantalizing textures and dulcet deliverances alike.

Accordingly, Four Tet, born Kieran Hebden, brings his distinctive M.O. to Bicep’s club-heavy work. Employing the textural aura that drove his latest swirling body of work, New Energyand energy akin to Bicep’s own “Glue,” Four Tet marries subtle rhythmic tweaks and overlays of texture on “Opal.” By opening the track up to a more tender, contemplative feel, he extends its running time by almost twice as long, playing on each of its key components with added grace, giving them space to breathe and ruminate on the dance floor.

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