Birocratic – Handsome PeopleBirocratic HandsomePeople Chillhop

Birocratic – Handsome People

Brooklyn-based producer Birocratic has teamed up with the Dutch outfit Chillhop once again for his latest single, the mellifluous “Handsome People,” out on the latter’s Essentials – Spring 2018 compilation.

The producer originally made a name for himself with a deft ear for sampling and clever song construction, but has recently seen himself expand into new territories. Samples remain an integral part of his craft, but “Handsome People” sees Birocratic place a heavier emphasis on his live instrumentation — notably an electric bassline that bubbles on the track’s foundation and moves the production forward. Twinkling piano riffs skitter under dreamy vocal samples, while a shuffling drumbeat binds the track together.

“Handsome People” also sees a new shift for the artist, as he dials back on the funk and leans into a jazzier feel — though one that is still heavy on groovy danceability.

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