Bishop Nehru releases Kaytranada and MF Doom produced LP, ‘Elevators: Act I & II’Bishop Nehru Mass Appeal Cmj Grungecake 1

Bishop Nehru releases Kaytranada and MF Doom produced LP, ‘Elevators: Act I & II’

Markel Scott, aka Bishop Nehru, has made waves in the global hip hop sphere since signing to Nas‘ Mass Appeal Records. Citing such a wide array of influences as 2Pac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MF Doom, Kanye West, Herbie Hancock, Tyler, The Creator and Incubus, the 21-year-old artist’s genius lies heavily in his artistic versatility.

Now, Scott has released the follow up to 2017’s Emperor Nehru’s New Groove, a new LP, Elevators: Act I & II, that was co-produced by hip hop production icon MF Doom and cult favorite Kaytranada.

“This project is a collection of my feelings straight from my heart, all of my ideas were created specifically off of instinct and intuitive occurrences,” says Scott of the project. “This album is my answer to the question, ‘What would you say your music sound like?’ My answer to that would be ‘Grammy Rap.’ There’s ‘Mumble Rap’ and then there’s ‘Grammy Rap.’ With this project I was largely influenced by music theory and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. This is my attempt at a ‘rap’ Pet Sounds.”

Elevators: Act I & II is sure to help Bishop Nehru build upon his already proven track record of musical successes.

Photo Credit: NaShish Photography

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