Booty shakin’ bass abounds on Fisher’s latest single, ‘Crowd Control’Screen Shot 2018 03 02 At 11.57.42 AM

Booty shakin’ bass abounds on Fisher’s latest single, ‘Crowd Control’

Fisher’s latest single will have fans “movin’ up and down, side to side, like a rollercoaster.”

The Dirtybird label cohort channels the palpable energy from previous releases like “Ya Kidding” and “Stop It” onto “Crowd Control” — a production that fully materializes what Fisher does best. With its entrancing, looping mini-monologues and hypnotic beat processions, the track slowly catalyzes into pulsating tech house.

A fixture in ID form at Fisher’s Dirtybird Campout East, “Crowd Control” sent festival attendees clamoring to social media platforms in an effort to get their hands on the tantalizing track after the event.

Now released —to a collective “finally!” on behalf of Dirtybird fans nationwide — “Crowd Control” will inevitably make its official and mesmeric foray into listeners’ playlists.

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