MUST LISTEN: Boys Noize unleashes the highly anticipated ‘Strictly Raw, Vol. 2’

Boys Noize doesn’t disappoint. Hot off the heels of a vehement collaboration with architectural fashion auteur Virgil Abloh, he’s unleashed the highly anticipated Strictly Raw, Vol. 2.

Comprised of the German electro prodigy’s banging techno and electro marriage, and simplistic, suspense-ridden drums, the eight-track Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 is a gripping club detonator and a compelling follow-up to the original installment from 2015.

Brimming with standouts, Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 coalesces outright bouncy electro vibes, on tracks like “S&H Disco”  with heavier cuts like “Distort Me” and “Loaded,” making for a vehement club-ready collection.

As expected, Strictly Raw, Vol. 2 is no-nonsense, and while it’s a riveting reassurance to see that Boys Noize is back, it’s all the more exciting to see the producer in top form.

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