BREAKING: Datsik accused of multiple sexual assaults, issues statement, cancels all upcoming performances [UPDATED]Datsik Press Photo 1548

BREAKING: Datsik accused of multiple sexual assaults, issues statement, cancels all upcoming performances [UPDATED]

Early in the afternoon of March 14, Twitter user PortersWorlds reported that he’d received multiple direct messages from underage women who had accused both Firepower Records head Datsik and EDM artist Space Jesus of sexual assault and rape. Though users clarified Datsik was significantly complicit in the actions, Space Jesus, too was implicated in the alleged actions, in at least more than one occasion.

In the moments since the reported incidents, a thread on reddit has begun and Datsik has reportedly began deleting suspicious tweets. One example includes a joke he made referring to rape as “a struggle snuggle”.

Datsik has reportedly been giving women at shows “escort needed” backstage passes labeled “TUL$A,” for years, which some allege is code for “a slut,” or the word spelled backwards.

As of now, Space Jesus has yet to comment on the allegations, though Datsik has officially released a comment on Twitter negating the allegations and condemning the associated behavior.

Dancing Astronaut has reached out to Datsik for a comment but no statements have yet been made. This is a developing story and will include live updates.


[UPDATE 3/14/2018 7:58 PM ET]: Datsik has posted the following Tweet, apparently confirming the nature of “Tulsa passes.”


[UPDATE 3/14/2018 10:07 PM ET]: Space Jesus has released his official statement, committing to cease the rest of his tour until investigations around the allegations have been made, and the case settled. “I was raised by a strong mother who taught me the importance of valuing and respecting women, and I would never knowingly act in a way to compromise a women’s integrity,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, a source who allegedly worked for Datsik messaged Twitter user Ashlee Johnson to tell his side of the “Tul$a” story. The source’s name has been redacted by the Twitter user for their protection:

Another Twitter user stepped forward on behalf of a friend with the following story, which matches many of those popping up about the allegations all over the web:

[UPDATE 3/15/2018 12:01 AM ET]:

Twitter user Portersworlds removes original tweet thread. I’ve remade the tweet about Datsik since the incident seems to be solely about him,” the user explains to Dancing Astronaut.


[UPDATE 3/15/2018 2:23 PM ET]

Datsik took to Facebook to announce the cancellation of all his upcoming tour dates and festival appearances.

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