Cesqeaux x DJ Sliink – BustCesqeau

Cesqeaux x DJ Sliink – Bust

Beginning with energetic vocals and and minimalist beats, Cesqeaux and DJ Sliink‘s “Bust” quickly builds into an intense climax of prominent waves of bass and oscillating dissonant notes to take listeners on a thrilling ride of diverse sounds. With more mellow interludes of harmonic synths, Cesqeaux and Sliink create a rounded contrast through a dynamic production.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Cesqeaux has garnered support for his eclectic array of music including weighty electro house, more commercial pop tunes, and even trap infused styles. Newark producer, Sliink, is known for his Jersey Club signature sound, creating tunes that feature captivating excerpts of percussion and intriguing samples. With the two producers coming together, “Bust” will have fans of both artists pleasantly surprised by a track divergent of the norm.

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