[WATCH] deadmau5 offers another glimpse of his enigmatic orchestral projectScreen Shot 2017 11 06 At 9.49.38 AM

[WATCH] deadmau5 offers another glimpse of his enigmatic orchestral project

Deadmau5 piqued the collective interest of his fan base when he previewed a short clip of an orchestral version of “Strobe” during one of his live streams on Twitch in December. The sample led some fans to speculate that the mau5trap label head was at work on a full-length orchestral album, while others proposed that the artist could be in the process of crafting a film score. Divergent conjectures aside, all listeners could agree that they would like to hear—at the very least—a complete orchestral version of the electronic classic.

In Janurary, deadmau5 tweeted that he was currently engaged in “the most epic thing [he’s] ever done with [his] music.”

Twitter user @cubertmaster responded to the post, asking if deadmau5 would provide “any hints” regarding the project, to which deadmau5 replied:

Deadmau5 has now sharpened the shape of the orchestral endeavor in a video recently uploaded to his Facebook page. The video offers fans a preview of a classical rendition of “Invidia,” the lead single off of deadmau5’s 2014 album, while(1<2).

Whether the video of the orchestral offerings signals an upcoming live orchestral tour, or an album — as many fans suspect — remains unknown, but the short preview should satiate fans until deadmau5 reveals the next step in the orchestral equation.

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