DJ Mag Germany alleges ‘official confirmation’ of SHM’s surprise Ultra reunionSwedish House Mafia 2013 Billboard 1548

DJ Mag Germany alleges ‘official confirmation’ of SHM’s surprise Ultra reunion

Swedish House Mafia‘s surprise Ultra reunion after five years of retirement has more or less equated to Daft Punk levels of fervor over the past couple weeks since a series of seemingly innocuous, yet mysterious events have hinted at their return.

Steve Angello and his team have repeatedly denied these rumors, as have others connected to the outfit. However, curious and hopeful fans have refused to give up their suspicion. A prominent lighting technician dropped what appeared to be a hint in a now-deleted social media post, while Hardwell posted his two cents right before Ultra commenced. Now, DJ Mag Germany is claiming in an ‘exclusive’ newsbreak that the news has been ‘officially confirmed’ to them that the supergroup will indeed be the festival’s Sunday closers. Their information, they allege, comes from the “DJ Mag Germany team on-site from the closest circle of the Swedish House Mafia.”

This new information is certainly exciting to hear, but no one will know for sure what the deal is on the iconic trio’s reunion until ten o’clock on Sunday, March 25, when the festival reaches its final hour.


H/T: Reddit & DJ Mag Germany
Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

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