FANGS continues to intrigue with release of third original ‘Bones’Fangs Bones

FANGS continues to intrigue with release of third original ‘Bones’

Industry veteran Danny D’Brito has released his third single under new alias FANGS titled “Bones.” Compared to his previous releases as FANGS, “Bones” drops the ominous undertones and brings in lighter vocals by Emma Zander. D’Brito’s background producing everything from techno to commercial house is reflective in this track, as it combines elements from techno, house, and pop giving it a unique sound that doesn’t quite fit within a certain category.

For those who like to discover artists before they make their ‘big break,’ FANGS is the perfect opportunity to discover someone before their impending ascension. The producer had multiple agents vying to represent his new alias, and ultimately settled on Circle Talent Agency and a management team with a proven track record for taking acts to the forefront of the industry.

The producer releases elaborate videos to accompany each of his tracks, and “Bones” is no exception. The complex video, which is a clip of the full video due out in a few weeks, seems as if it could fit within an intense light show or be part of a 3D video series. He is currently working on a live show that he reveals few details about, but we can expect to learn more about this and future releases in the coming months.

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