Good Morning Mix: The Midnight – Group Therapy Mix #247The Midnight Group Therapy

Good Morning Mix: The Midnight – Group Therapy Mix #247

What better way to wake up than to some relaxing, retro synthwave?

This past September, Above & Beyond hosted Los Angeles-based duo The Midnight on their iconic Group Therapy show. Over the course of 30 minutes, The Midnight bring back the 1980s with their dreamy electro-influenced tracks, brought to life by ethereal vocals. Citing artists ranging from Phil Collins and Toto to deadmau5 as their influences, The Midnight travel back in time three decades to bring an innovative, refreshing twist to 80s music.

The Group Therapy mix complements the duo’s remix package, which had just come out at the time, and features remixes of The Midnight’s tracks by Michael Cassette, Johan Vilborg, Dezza, Lifelike, PROFF, Terry Da Libra, and many more.

If you prefer kick drums and red wine, this is the mix for you.

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