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Kaskade releases affective new single, ‘Cold as Stone’

The disintegration of a love is a sensory experience potent enough to produce powerful emotional metamorphosis.

Enter Kaskade’s latest release, “Cold as Stone,” a single that traces the contours of such a profound and poignant emotional shift through the tender vocal contributions of Charlotte Lawrence. The track’s constructional minimalism complements its lyrical vulnerability, “Cold as Stone” possessive of a rare forthcoming of feeling that seems only to find a parallel in other staples of Kaskade’s confessional catalog.

An unimposing piano melody at the song’s onset propels Lawrence’s raw vocal to become the centerpiece of “Cold as Stone,” aided only by a duly understated and highly polished future bass build that dissolves into a collection of delicate, mid-toned synths.

“This song was conceived over a year and a half ago and it’s been sitting on my hard drive ‘cause I could never quite get it right,” Kaskade said of the production, “I loved it, but I just was frustrated ‘cause I couldn’t deal with it in the way I wanted to. That is until Charlotte sang it and when she sang it, she just nailed it, and really, after that, everything kinda came together.”

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