Luca Lush drops ‘God’s Plan’ rework [FREE DOWNLOAD]Luca Gods Plan

Luca Lush drops ‘God’s Plan’ rework [FREE DOWNLOAD]

After Drake’s viral, philanthropic rollout of “God’s Plan,” it’s no surprise other artists are putting their own spin on the track. LA-based producer Luca Lush is one of the most intriguing to take up the cause, and linked up with Cam Fattore and Philly-native Kid Travis for this edit of the superstar’s latest single.

The cover vocals provide a refreshing new take on the chart-topper, as Luca Lush does what he does best: adding intense, trapped-out flair to popular hip-hop tracks. Catch him this march for the start of his Great Romances of the 21st Century tour, with a full list of dates here.

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