New reports allege Datsik’s management was aware of sexual abuse claimsDatsik Press Photo 1548

New reports allege Datsik’s management was aware of sexual abuse claims

Datsik‘s fall from grace is like watching someone trip down an escalator — the tumbles just keeps coming, the fall doesn’t stop. Recently, reports of rampant sexual misconduct and drug use on tour have more than just sidelined the “Monster” producer, they’ve essentially wiped Troy Beetles off the planet, for now. In the wake of multiple claims being corroborated by women around the country over a time period that spans more than four years, Datsik’s entire spring tour has fallen apart, his label and booking agency have distanced themselves from him, and Beetles moved into a full-on social media backpedal in response. His management team also denounced the star DJ, though now their involvement in the case seems considerably more murky.

The latest news to break from the Canadian producer’s emerging sexual abuse scandal indicates that his team at Deckstar Management was made aware of Datsik’s behavior as early as October, 2017, and it seems that measures were taken to subdue those claims at the time. reports they’ve come into possession of emails from one of Datsik’s accusers detailing her experience with the dubstep producer after a show at Fabric in London in 2013. The woman in question, who’s identity has been protected, details a similar pattern of incoherent inebriation followed by a hazy recollection of unconsensual sex in a hotel room with Datsik thereafter. This particular victim however decided to engage in an email exchange with Deckstar Managment in October, 2017, asking only for a simple apology letter from Beetles as settlement.

The exchange apparently went south when an unnamed public relations firm’s crisis management team reached out to the victim within a day of her contacting Deckstar, reportedly asking her, “what is it that you’re looking for?” in regards to going public with her claims against Beetles. According to the woman’s account, she never received any further communication, let alone any apology. According to the PR firm in question, they were never under contract by Deckstar involving this matter and had no involvement in the response to these allegations.

Whether Deckstar was aware of Datsik’s alleged misconduct last year remains unclear at this time, though one thing is certain — if Datsik’s perennial escalator fall continues, he could wind up dragging down a lot more than just his own career with him.


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