Exclusive: NIKÖ BLANK – Do U ft Jacob Luttrell (STéLOUSE Remix)DO U STėLOUSE REMI Scaled

Exclusive: NIKÖ BLANK – Do U ft Jacob Luttrell (STéLOUSE Remix)

Ahead of the release of his remix EP for The Frame, NIKÖ BLANK has revealed a heavenly remix of “Do U” by STéLOUSE.

NIKÖ BLANK’s “Do U,” highlighted by the heartfelt vocals of Jacob Luttrell, features a soulful atmosphere with bouncing future bass elements. Denver producer STéLOUSE has put his own twist on the track, taking the future bass aspect of the track to new heights. He’s gracefully maximized on the glowing atmosphere of “Do U,” pushing Luttrell’s vocals to the forefront of the song over layers of heavenly synths.

STéLOUSE has already had a stellar 2018, with the release of the gorgeous original “Nobody Told Me” in February and remixes of Khalid‘s “Young Dumb & Broke” and Yahtzel‘s “Someone Else.” As he continues to gather momentum this year, STéLOUSE continues to prove there’s no slowing him down.

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