Offaiah enamors on infectious new single, ‘Private Show’Screen Shot 2018 02 27 At 10.02.05 AM

Offaiah enamors on infectious new single, ‘Private Show’

Genre aside, Offaiah’s individual releases continually share one specific commonality: each single stamped with the moniker commands a captivating presence illustrative of the enigmatic producer’s propensity for consistently magnetic dance floor fillers.

The elusive electronica artist’s latest offering, “Private Show,” arrives as no exception to Offaiah’s stunning track record. “Private Show” capitalizes on the infectious quality of its irresistible, looped lyrical hook, breathily voiced and laid atop an alluring background beat manufactured in an edgy tech house aesthetic. The single exudes an entrancing sexiness best suited for the dimly lit underground venues where it will likely thrive.

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