Gou-mania: Peggy Gou’s ‘Once’ EP is an invigorating testament to her dynamic flairPeggyGou Credit Jungwook Mok 2018 E1528570776561

Gou-mania: Peggy Gou’s ‘Once’ EP is an invigorating testament to her dynamic flair

Peggy Gou has arrived. She’s graduated from the underground circuit with the highest honors of distinct, club-polished sounds, Gou’s built a sterling reputation for herself in the modern techno and electro spheres —and if the lively nature of her music is of any indication, she’s only just begun her journey.

2018 is poised to be the year of Gou-mania. In April, she is set to make her Coachella debut. Just last month, she served up a Resident Advisor Podcast, and now the Berlin-based producer’s coherently embedded elements of Korean-sentimentality and effortless groove into her new three-track EP. Once.

A compelling concoction of atmospheric synths, acid lines, techno vigor, and disco swing, Once is the embodiment of Gou’s buoyant style. As a catwalk beat bursts, a four-on-the-floor hi-hat/kick combo drives “Hundres Times.“ Contrastingly, Gou gets cool and atmospheric on “Han Jan.” “Han Jan,” which translates to “One Shot,” administers a rush of fleeting euphoria. It’s an instantly danceable number, and even if it were Gou’s only record, the track’s chiseled electro and ebullient nature ensures she would still captivate listeners worldwide.

There’s a glossy sheen and insatiable energy to Once’s velvety groove. It is an especially energetic dance record, and while it’ll likely stand as one of the most authentic cultural dance explorations of the year, it’s an equal reminder that Gou’s at her best when just she’s true to herself.

Photo Credit: Jungwook Mok

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