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Premiere: Alan Fitzpatrick – Colour Of A Dream

Marry together booming, pungent kicks, heavy reverb, and atmospheric synth accents, and the result is an Alan Fitzpatrick anthem. The British talent is no stranger to the art of forging raunchy techno, and this trend continues into his newest A-side on his We Are The Brave imprint.

“Colour Of  A Dream” was built for the peak hours. It wastes no time in packing a punch, with high tempos and beating percussion immediately ushering the mind into a trance. Though the explosive number is heavy in its presentation, Fitzpatrick makes sure to add a hint of offsetting euphoria in the form of vintage vocal samples and a jubilant three-note progression.

Having been cutting up dancefloors for a good while before its release, “Colour Of A Dream” is finally ready for its official debut on March 23 — we suspect it will be a festival dominator as the season wears on.



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