Premiere: State of Mind – Foul PlayState Of Mind

Premiere: State of Mind – Foul Play

Ramping up for the release of their massive Land of the Blind, Pt. 1 EP on March 9, New Zealand duo State of Mind have released a ferocious drum & bass number, “Foul Play.”

“Foul Play” hits hard from the get-go, as the duo use the first minute to set the stage for the racing BPM to come. Right around the minute mark, the duo drop the listener into a bass-laden drum & bass pattern, demonstrating the sheer power behind their production. After a brief lull about halfway through the song, the duo re-energize and finish strong, leading off with glitchy vocals that warn of foul play.

After dropping “Writhe” from the EP last month, State of Mind continue to drum up excitement for the year ahead of them, which will bring part two of the EP, along with an LP.

Land of the Blind, Pt. 1 is out this Friday, March 9, on Black Sun Empire’s label, Blackout.

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