Premiere: Sterling Grove – Beneath ft Jono McCleery (Robot Koch Remix)Sterling Grove Press Photo

Premiere: Sterling Grove – Beneath ft Jono McCleery (Robot Koch Remix)

Following the release of their debut album in December 2017, Montreal producers, Sterling Grove, sought to augment their organic sound with a set of remix tracks, and scored a big one from Berlin-based, critically acclaimed artist, Robot Koch. Floating on the sonic border of Moderat and Bonobo, this atmospheric and jarring re-imagining of the track “Beneath,” is surely a good start to their forthcoming remix compilation.

The opportunity to work with one of the scene’s rising stars came as the result of a quick e-mail, and everything unfolded naturally from there. Or, as Sterling Grove tell it, “We sent over both “Parallel Lines” & “Beneath,” and not long after, [Robot Koch] sent us back the remix of “Beneath,” and the minute we heard it we said, ‘Why didn’t we do something like this?’ We felt like it was the perfect set starter for our club sets as opposed to the original that felt like the ending of show…” And a show starter, this new track most definitely is. The listener’s attention is grabbed quickly by the ethereal, choral voices in the background, coupled with a clean, yet heavy-hitting bass. From there, the track gains momentum with ever more vibrant percussion, and stirring vocals from Jono McCleery. The production quality throughout is flawless (a signature of Robot Koch’s work).

For those interested to hear more of Sterling Grove’s moving, unique tracks, be sure check out their full-length album, Parallel Lines, and keep an eye out for the remix compilation coming soon.

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