Ray Volpe releases energetic dubstep EP, ‘No Emotion Allowed’Ray Volpe

Ray Volpe releases energetic dubstep EP, ‘No Emotion Allowed’

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, dubstep mastermind Ray Volpe has released a three-track EP, No Emotion Allowed. Each track on the EP showcases a different style of bass music, from grimy riddim to more melodic dubstep. No Emotion Allowed takes listeners on a dark, eerie trip, and with its grueling, cacophonous style, the EP is not intended for the faint-hearted.

The first track on the EP is “Showtime” which features excerpts of distorted vocals, throttles of dissonant layers of bass and synth, and unearthly melodies. “Wet Napkin” does not relent from the crushing sounds that the EP begins with. The second track keeps the intensity going with melodic interludes of more relaxed beats. As “Wet Napkin” builds, the climaxes give way to a tasteful contrast between edgy, rough drops and unexpected, smooth feels. The last track, “Rave Rage,” brings a highly energetic tone to the table. With weighty undertones, and piercing progressions of synths, “Rave Rage” will keep listeners on their toes, waiting for the unexpected.

With his latest release, Ray Volpe has given dubstep lovers around the world an unforgettable experience, as No Emotion Allowed follows the popular dubstep trend while staying on the cutting edge with an original, infectious production.

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