Rusko – HotRusko

Rusko – Hot

In May of 2017, British dubstep pioneer Rusko announced that he’d been diagnosed with gastric lymphoma and promptly cancelled his summer 2017 touring schedule. “After I had a biopsy in my neck…it turned out that the lymphoma was everywhere. It was in my blood, it was in my bone marrow, it was in every organ in my body,” explained Rusko. Since then, the Rusko has announced that after several rounds of chemotherapy, he is officially cancer free.

Rusko is now back in the studio in triumphant fashion with the release of an off kilter new track, “Hot”. Complete with low slinging bass lines and scathing synths, the track marks a momentous return to the sound tables. May Rusko’s virtuosic grime reign forever, and a special fuck you to cancer.

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