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Satin Jackets and David Harks — Through The Night

“Through The Night” is the newest collaborative effort from German producer Tim Bernhardt (aka Satin Jackets) and Berlin based British singer David Harks. Released through Eskimo Recordings, the track follows the pair’s 2017 collaboration “Northern Lights” and once again sees them craft their melodies in stride.

“I don’t need your love but it feels so fine,” croons Hark on the track. “It’s the way that you’ve been loving me, through the night.”

The sentiment is forthright in its simplicity, but its airy vocals reveal themselves as hardly simple. In fact, the track’s wonder lies heavily with its stripped down aesthetics.

“It’s about being loved by someone and how it feels to be loved,” says Hark of the track. “Moreover it’s about how we can survive without that love or shape it and use it to suit our needs.”

“I wanted to create a song that explored these feelings but that you can also drop hot’n’heavy on the dance floor,” he continues. “Tim came in with his thick warm production and just took it to that next level.”

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