SNBRN – Lovin’ Me

SNBRN has released a highly dynamic, intriguing original called “Lovin’ Me.” The track begins with a strong kick underneath oscillating synths, then slowly builds into a blend of mesmerizing, distorted vocal samples with edgy waves of bass and playful excerpts of cowbell. “Lovin’ Me” features minimalist interludes that give the piece a balanced feel.

Hailing from Los Angeles, SNBRN is famous for his one-of-a-kind deep indie house sound. His stunning originals such as “Raindrops” and infectious remixes including his take on Bebe Rexha‘s “I Got You” are a testament to his diverse technique and intricate production skill. With his latest, “Lovin’ Me,” SNBRN keeps his classic style fresh by giving listeners a crisp, rounded sound full of surprises.

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