SNBRN releases enthralling EP ‘U Want It’ ahead of US tour

Deep house extraordinaire Kevin Chapman, more commonly known as SNBRN, has managed to appeal to the mainstream throughout his ascension into production notoriety without dabbling fully in the commercial house realm. This is a near impossible feat in today’s electronic music scene, and it’s usually only a matter of time before a producer pivots to expand their fan base.

Chapman has remained steadfast in his house roots, and has just released his debut EP titled U Want It. The EP is everything SNBRN fans would hope for with commanding basslines and pulsing house chords. “Want it,” “Lovin’ Me,” and “Six Shooter” are the three tracks within U Want It, and the only true theme holding the three releases together is the fact that they have been perfectly crafted for live performance.

Chapman is gearing up for a rigorous run of shows across the U.S., and his live set will certainly be one to make given his captivating roster of recent releases.

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