Take a breather with this new original piece by Anzo, ‘Hesitation’Anzo Hesitation Artwork

Take a breather with this new original piece by Anzo, ‘Hesitation’

For all the high-octane electronic music we consume, everyone still requires a good electro ballad from time to time. Thankfully, Anzo has you covered with the release of his latest piece, “Hesitation,” coming by way of European house label Tasty. And while Tasty typically offers more of the aforementioned high-energy dance fare, they’re on board for a welcomed gear shift towards what some might characterize as synthwave on “Hesitation.” California-based producer Anzo takes the listener on a quiet, peaceful ride through stacked synth layers and driving guitar chords in the breakdown.

The track rides over downtempo percussion arrangements and pitched down vocal accents, proctoring a perfect after-hours vibe without any of the usual noir tropes other electronic artists might be inclined to chase.┬áIt’s introspective and wandering, but addictive enough for repeated listens. If you’re looking to soundtrack a late night drive, roll your windows down and pull up Anzo’s latest.

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