Tiga & Clarian release ‘Stay Cool’ EPTiga And Clarian Stay Cool

Tiga & Clarian release ‘Stay Cool’ EP

One might develop acute arthritis flipping through Tiga‘s dense back catalog of house and techno staples. While many hailing from the same undiscovered era of early 2000s club music have rested on their laurels or jumped the tech-house shark, the Montreal producer — whose body of work dates back to 2001 — has consistently worked to create compelling new material, consistently re-solidifying his status as one of techno’s most prominent contemporaries.

Tiga’s newest release, a collaboration with fellow Montreal producer Clarian dubbed Stay Cool, stems from the same inventive production techniques that served to solidify him as one of techno’s premiere work horses.

The acid-tinged synths in “Stay Cool” serve as a nod to a timeless dance floor aesthetic while still retaining its own progressive identity. The off-kilter vocal lines in “You’re So Special” cap off the EP in seductive fashion, alluding to the fact that Tiga’s collaborations are the furthest thing from cookie-cutter techno releases one might find on this side of the Atlantic.

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