Winter Music Conference announces 2018 dates and panel topicsUltra Miam 2017 Jordan Lloyd

Winter Music Conference announces 2018 dates and panel topics

Miami’s Winter Music Conference has announced official dates and panel topics ahead of its 33rd edition. Taking place on March 20-22 in Miami Beach’s illustrious Faena District, the conference will play host to a variety of panel discussions. Publicity, agency, licensing, streaming and A&R are among just a few of the topics listed on WMC’s official website.

“We’re thrilled to have the breathtaking Faena Forum as the backdrop for this year’s Winter Music Conference,” explained Bill Kelly, WMC Co-Founder.

“2018 is the start of a renaissance for WMC,” the conference said in a statement. “A major announcement about WMC’s future will be made at this year’s conference that will once again put it at the very top of must-attend events for the entire international dance music community.”

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  • The Artist Panel — Electronic Music’s Top Stars Huddle Up to Talk Shop

New devices and channels offer DJ’s, Producers, and Artists more choices than ever to interact with their fans and build their brand. By adopting modern tools, you have endless opportunities to create proactive commerce across every touchpoint. Other key points discussed at this panel are strategies to further your career from marketing to publishing, creating sales demand, cross-promotion, and various other revenue streams. Come meet these heavyweight champions as they give us insight into their world.  

  • Agent & Promoter — Learn How Deals for Artist Performances Take Shape

This panel explores the relationship between an agent and promoter. The main duty of the promoter is to publicize and promote a show, from DJ Gigs to Live performances.  The agent’s responsibilities are to book shows, negotiate contracts and work with promoters to assure that all goes smoothly when planning your show or a full tour. Allow our panel of experts help you navigate the symbiotic relationship between Agent and Promoter to assure everything goes off without a hitch and gives your fans an experience they won’t soon forget.

  • Publicity 101 — Social Media, The Blogosphere, Music News, and More

Whether your intentions are to drive sales, foster brand awareness or increase your fan base, social media is a vital but potentially daunting task.  In an era of slippery music economy and constantly evolving new music economy this panel will focus on utilizing social media, tastemaker blogs, and even your website to steer you through the proper channels and take your career from the Blogosphere to the Stratosphere!

  • Sync and Licensing — Getting Your Music in Front of New Audiences

With music sales both physically and digitally in a steady decline over the years, one of the most lucrative and successful new revenue streams has been the rise of music licensing.  From movies to TV commercials and video games, let your music work for you. Licensing your work to commercials, film and video games introduces your music to new audiences, create sustainability, as well as being a great source of income to help pay the rent. Let these expert panelists steer you in the right direction to increase revenue and get your music in front of new audiences.

  • A&R — How the Best in the Business Find New Talent

Artist and Repertoire (or more commonly know as an A&R) representatives are the people who scout talent for record labels. A great A&R person is expected to understand the current tastes of the market and find artists and help guide their path to commercial success. Once signed, the A&R will act as the artist’s main point of contact with the record label including navigating deals with the label and the development of their artists which can include finding songwriters and producers. This panel of key industry players has the insight and wisdom you will need to help you make the best decisions for your career!

  • Radio and Streaming — New Revenue Sources and Metrics for Success

Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and future streaming services are rapidly changing how we as the consumer get our music. Sharing your streaming profile across your artist properties and socials will drive fans to follow you and allow you to engage in conversations with your fans. From creating quality playlists to tracking your metrics, this panel from Radio and Streaming leaders will teach you how all of these best practices can grow your streams and increase revenue.



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