AC Slater releases dynamic EP, ‘I Wanna Show You’Ac Slater Nb

AC Slater releases dynamic EP, ‘I Wanna Show You’

The king of Night Bass, AC Slater, is renowned for his deep, twisted cuts on house music tracks that feature grimy takes on dark originals. The g house legend has released a three-track EP, I Wanna Show You, which includes a plethora of sounds and styles within each piece.

The title track opens the EP and showcases intriguing distorted vocals layered on top of harmonic chord progressions. The groovy feel is rounded out by jazzy piano riffs and ominous undertones. “I Wanna Show You” is tied together by an energetic rhythm and colorful samples of instrumentation.

“Amen Tribe” flaunts AC Slater’s versatility in production, as the producer adds a dimension of vibrant tribal sounds meshed together with an infectious beat and alluring percussion. With an entrancing melody, “Amen Tribe” will take listeners on a wild trip full of lively surprises.

The last track on the EP, “Can’t Come Down,” is a surefire dance floor hit with an enthralling drop full of otherworldly beats. Complimented by bouncy throbs of bass, and edgy notes scattered throughout the piece, “Can’t Come Down” keeps it fresh with Young Lyxx adding some fire vocals into the mix.

Undoubtedly, AC Slater’s I Wanna Show You will have listeners on their toes for its innovative sound design and creative ingenuity.

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