Apple to halt iTunes music downloads in 2019ITunes 12

Apple to halt iTunes music downloads in 2019

Very soon, the days of downloading music from Apple’s iTunes store will be but a memory. Apple will halt iTunes supported music downloads come 2019, a decision that arrives as the tech company’s own streaming service, Apple Music, continues to expand and to accordingly arise as a formidable competitor in the current context of the music streaming market.

In March, Apple executive Jimmy Iovine attested that a pause on iTunes downloads would ensue once ‘people stop buying’ mp3s to instead direct their money to the purchase of subscriptions on music streaming platforms. Apple staff members have since speculated that the demise of the iTunes music store could commence in early 2019, or by March 31, 2019.

The anticipated closure of the iTunes store will not affect purchasers’ ability to play downloaded music on any of the company’s devices, and all tracks previously acquired through the iTunes store will continue to remain in the libraries of those who downloaded the music.

H/T: DJ Mag

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