Bicep transfixes in new ‘Rain’ EP and videoBicep 2018 Image

Bicep transfixes in new ‘Rain’ EP and video

Bicep’s just unveiled a new EP, Rain, and video by director Luke Wyatt, AKA Torn Hawk.

A producer, DJ, and NTS host, Wyatt’s video juxtaposes clips of old film footage, overlaid VHS glitches, and computer-generated images with snakes and mysterious mazes. Somatic in its sound encapsulation of Bicep’s entrancing sound, Wyatt appropriately fuses Bicep’s widespread sourcing of seemingly disparate musical materials in an enthralling maze of devouring proportions.

Released on Ninja Tune, “Rain’s” followed by the disparate channeling of gamut club music influences on “Helix.” Much like the winding form of a double helix DNA structure, “Helix” twists and turns through the beloved 90s house, garage, ambient, and breakbeat sounds that catapulted the dancefloor-minded duo to stardom in the first place, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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