Billy Kenny weeded out of TSA security line, deported back to UK on drug offenseBilly Kenny ALive Coverage

Billy Kenny weeded out of TSA security line, deported back to UK on drug offense

A new cautionary tale is currently making its way around the dance music industry. UK native and Dirtybird power player Billy Kenny has been forced back to his home country after making the fatal error of bringing marijuana across country borders.

“From the evening of March 30th – April 2nd, I carelessly left a small PAX pen containing under 100mg of marijuana in a pair of sweatpants, which were in my bag,” began Kenny when telling the tale of his unfortunate event. After having flown internationally multiple times, the TSA ended up discovering the illicit substance and its battery during a routine search.

Weed is legal in California, where Kenny had taken up temporary residence; however, in federal eyes it remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Therefore, his visa was immediately revoked upon discovery and he was sent on his not-so-merry way back to Britain. His upcoming shows in the states have all been cancelled, with plans in the works to perform as close to the states as possible instead.

The producer’s response is quite admirable; he held himself fully accountable for his wrongdoing in his status, and apologized profusely to fans. That said, disaster isn’t the only grim outcome of this event:
“During the last two weeks whilst working through this situation and trying to speed up my return, I’ve been writing new material. I can hand on heart say that I’ve consistently written what i believe to be the best records I’ve ever written and produced and i really can’t wait to share them with you,” he finished.


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