Delve deep into crate-digging with its first ever TEDx talkDJ Shadow Endtroducing Crate Digging

Delve deep into crate-digging with its first ever TEDx talk

Crate-digging is about much more than record shopping. It’s a hunt for the unfamiliar. Where the inspired seek out that which fuels them. It’s a dedication to the origins, the pioneers, the forgotten, and the nearly extinct.

On the heels of the massive vinyl resurgence, the first ever TEDx talk on the cultural importance of crate-digging has resurfaced. Following a community of record digging for years, Alexis Charpentier, aka DJ Lexis, dishes on his online platform Music Is My Sanctuary — a website and collective dedicated to showcasing “future classics & forgotten treasures”— the cultural significance of crate diggers as the culture’s “archeologists,” and how these people play a significant cultural role in protecting important parts of recorded music history.

“We need to get over this superstar digger phase we seem to be stuck into these days,” he says. “At the end of the day, the glory should go to the artist who made the tune… and our role should be about giving beautiful music a second chance to be heard by as many people as possible.”

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