deadmau5 hopes orchestral album will lead to film score writing oppsDeadmau5 Led Helmet 2

deadmau5 hopes orchestral album will lead to film score writing opps

While some were wondering ‘where’s the drop?,deadmau5 was wondering where’s the score?

The full-time producer and now, part-time commercial gaming center visionary, recently released where’s the drop?, the full length orchestral album that originally gained notoriety thanks to several live Twitch broadcasts leading up to the formal announcement of the album’s impending debut, during which deadmau5 offered previews of the classical product to viewers. Certainly a different genre of music production, deadmau5’s orchestral album is not merely an aesthetic phase, but a signifier of deadmau5’s desire to one day write film scores.

“I’ve always wanted to go into film scoring,” deadmau5 said. “I think that this is a better entry point because now I’m like fucking walking the walk, as opposed to fucking talking the talk. Which is all you can do before anyone would think that you are capable of scoring a film, you know what I mean?”

deadmau5 similarly expressed his hope that where’s the drop? will resonate with figures in the film industry. “Hopefully this kind of puts me on the radar with professionals in that area or even the public to want something like that,” deadmau5 stated, “It would be cool to custom-write music for some kind of story. That’d be cool.”

here’s the drop? emerges as a project that “stands on its own legs,” according to the producer, who additionally noted his commitment to craft an album that would be “a fully body traditional piece,” as opposed to an amalgamation of orchestral and electronic music.

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