Elephante talks how loneliness on the road spurred new track, ‘The In Between’Elephante TheInBetween Artwork

Elephante talks how loneliness on the road spurred new track, ‘The In Between’

Elephante‘s newest track ,”The In Between,” is nothing short of beautiful with its melodic chords and Anjulie‘s polarizing vocals. Fans of “Catching On” by the LA-based producer will certainly have their next song addiction in “The In Between.” Elephante’s inspiration for the song manifests itself interestingly through the lyrics, and the producer sat down with DA to discuss how this track came to be.

“The idea of ‘The In Between’ started in some nameless hotel — it was about this feeling of being on the road and seeing people everywhere, but still being tremendously lonely at heart. Half of me was in love with traveling the world, and the other wanted nothing more than to sleep in my own bed. I felt like I was stuck in my version of The Upside Down from Stranger Things – I was being pulled apart by these two different sides of me, and it took everything I had to keep it all together. So I got together with the brilliant Anjulie, and the song turned into a story about that place in a relationship with someone or something, where you want to feel strong and know that you’ve moved on. But deep down you know that one phone call from the other side is gonna pull you right back in. We wrote and recorded the whole thing in my studio. We basically finished the whole thing on piano and guitar – I wanted this song, and all the other music from my upcoming EP, to feel really organic, and work as a song without any production, and I’m really proud of what we created. And then once I found the wubwubwubs for the instrumental parts, I knew we had something special.”

The producer has always been a proponent of forming tracks off of instrumentals and then producing them electronically from there. These influences are apparent in his productions, and create a pleasant duality of electronic synths and piano or guitar overlays to give listeners from a variety of genres something to like.

“The In Between” will be a part of a new EP Elephante is currently working on. No official release date has been announced, but if “The In Between” is a showcase of what is to come, fans can certainly expect some quality tunes to be on the way.

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