Elohim makes her mark with self titled debut albumElohim Half Love

Elohim makes her mark with self titled debut album

Elohim, a word that traditionally refers to God but, to many fans, now represents a mystical goddess of music in the shape of a producer, singer and songwriter. With no full pictures of her face, and no solid genre to identify her by, Elohim takes music and melds into intrinsic masterpieces. Her voice creates a cohesiveness as her production twinkles from orchestral arrangements all the way to experimental synth pop sounds.

Now, a little under three years after releasing her first track, “She Talks To Much,” Elohim releases her 15-track self-titled album that does not disappoint. The album impressed with pre-released singles such as “Fuck Your Money,” “Panic Attacks” and “The Wave,” but those wouldn’t quite prepare fans for the excellence that would come with the full package.

The album rings with raw emotion; a conflict with her demons and her own skin, yet Elohim remains unapologetically herself, saying things like “All we are is all we are,” and “let me be who I need to be.” Her messages spread from self doubt to twisted romances and trying to be something you’re not. Which are met with light hearted beats full of impactful pads, incredible percussion and energetic productions, that have you feeling completely different about subjects like depression, and loneliness.

While Elohim speaks a lot on tougher subjects, her overall message seems to be one of triumph but most importantly love. Elohim gracefully embraces her flaws and imperfections, allowing listeners to realize they aren’t alone on this journey and that even though we fall down sometimes, it’s worth it to get back up. That sometimes we need to “let it go…hanging on to silly thoughts, they’re only in my head it’s not my heart.”

So in honor of Elohim’s album, take the weekend to love each other a little bit more, love yourself a little bit more, and accept that even through all the struggles…”the universe is yours.”

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