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Exclusive: Blende ft Mickael Karkousse – Do You Remember?

London-based, Swedish producer Blende is channeling massive Moroder vibes on his latest disco track that also features Mickael Karkousse, the frontman of the Belgian electro rock group GOOSE.

Filled to the brim with writhing synthesizer arpeggios, a classic ostinato bass line, sci-fi strings, vocoders, and impassioned vocals, “Do You Remember?” emanates a timeless energy that begged to be recast and reimagined. Whether that’s the seedy sound of Munich in the late 70s or a Daft Punk record playing in a local bar, the track’s equally as beguiling as a dance track as it is comforting in its groovy charm, so hopefully it’s not the last we hear of Blende looking backward to move forward this year.

My theme for the year is looking more and more likely to be drenched in nostalgia. Plus ça change. I do think it’s what the world needs right now though. I feel Mick and I got it down to a tee on this one, landing somewhere in between looking back and moving forward,” Blende said of the track.

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