Exclusive: Counsel pop shares brilliantly chaotic EP, ‘counsel pop presents’Counsel Pop 1

Exclusive: Counsel pop shares brilliantly chaotic EP, ‘counsel pop presents’

Mat Zo‘s fellow Brit producer and latest MAD ZOO signee, counsel pop, has unveiled his marvelously maddening debut EP, counsel pop presents.

There is an air of nostalgia running through the EP, which CP himself describes as, “trying to recreate that feeling of driving around in your mate’s car listening to the only dance CD they ever had.”

The irreverent, four-track EP is almost dizzying in its ability to synthesize several genres into a single soundscape, with big beat prowess reminiscent of that of the Chemical Brothers, and liquid drum n bass evoking warranted nods at Mat Zo himself — most evident in “trino (counsel’s mental mix).”

The newcomer masterfully executes jolting electro synth stabs and frenzied vocal sampling in “fazeley industrial estate,” resulting in glorious, cinematic disarray. Meanwhile within “in a mcdonald’s carpark” CP lays down laser-esque synths and stuttering, quixotic percussion before moving into a vapory, utopian outro.

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