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Former OWSLA manager designs new wellness retreat for artists, ‘Remedy State’

Former OWSLA label manager Blaise James DeAngelo and Ben Turner collaborated on a new venture: a three-day retreat specifically designed for those who work in the music industry. A meld of music and wellness focused activities, DeAngelo and Turner’s program, Remedy State, extends nature walks, breathing workshops, vegetarian food options, and talks on the topics of wellness and spirituality to those who choose to participate.

“For a long time the mantra has been sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,” DeAngelo said of the initiative, “We’re not trying to be antithetical to that, or have the naïveté to think we’re going to change that, but what Ben and I realized is that there needs to be a balance. Artists are dealing with late nights, sustained solitude, creative pressures…you really need to take care of yourself.”

The physical and psychological wear and tear that involvement in the industry imposes, especially for artists with heavy touring schedules, has become increasingly publicized in the past year. In October 2017, a study from Help Musicians UK revealed that musicians may be up to three times more likely to suffer from depression as compared to the general public.

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