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Glitch Boy – goodbye lullaby

As if k?d hadn’t already impressed fans enough with his cinematic soundscapes and impeccable sound design, the young producer has decided to switch things up a bit under a new alias: glitch boy.

After releasing “glitch boy” last May, a mysterious Soundcloud account appeared as glitch boy himself. Within two months after k?d’s release, glitch boy followed with their track “the feeling i get when i’m with you,” which is a dreamy lo-fi tune that is reminiscent of elijah who and older oshi music. For a while fans speculated who glitch boy could be but, it became apparent after k?d started to share all of the music and created a playlist under glitch boy with a k?d track. 

Now glitch boy flaunts four well crafted tracks that beautifully intertwine comforting atmospherics, delicate pads, and intricate percussion to create a sound that is a 180 from k?d’s typical music. His latest release “goodbye lullaby’ is no exception. With porter esc vocal samples and a bumping kick, this track takes a spot in the night time bed routine.

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