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Google to release updated all-in-one ‘AIY’ kits for beginners

Tech junkies seeking AI immersion can find an introductory foothold in Google’s new DIY AI starter packs.

Dubbed “AIY” kits, the pre-packaged set up acquaints those who are new to AI with the burgeoning technology. In the past, the kits were geared more toward those with an existing knowledge of AI, but Google will now cater to novices via a joint release of updated AIY Vision and Voice kits that will include all a beginner needs to get started.

Both the Vision and the Voice kits will come with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board, and a pre-provisioned SD card. The Vision kit additionally arrives with a Raspberry Pi Camera v2. Google has also released a companion Android app that assists purchasers in the process of setting up their kits.

The Vision and Voice packs, priced at $90 and $50 respectively, will become available in Target’s online and retail stores in April.

H/T: engadget

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