Ian Ewing taps Flamingosis for wavy single, ‘Young’IanEwing Flamingosis Young

Ian Ewing taps Flamingosis for wavy single, ‘Young’

Milawaukee’s Ian Ewing resides in an envious class: that of an exciting up-and-comer with a unique sound all his own. The producer is a multi-instrumentalist, a fact that significantly lends itself to Ewing carving out a niche for himself.

The smooth sound for which he’s known is readily apparent on his latest track, the Flamingosis collaboration “Young.” A crisp production that relies on subtle shifts in production and sound composition, “Young” depicts Ewing at his best: undeniably danceable and forward-thinking. Undulating synths ground the track while a plethora of melodic elements float overhead — the end result a relaxing meander perfect for sunset.

What’s more, “Young” is the first single off of Ewing’s forthcoming EP, Overnight, slated for release this summer.

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