Le Galaxie releases stunning, ethereal album, ‘Pleasure’Unnamed

Le Galaxie releases stunning, ethereal album, ‘Pleasure’

Hailing from Dublin, Le Galaxie has released an absolutely spellbinding new album, Pleasure. With an intensely innovative sound that features a mesmerizing combination of funky instrumentation, infectious vocals, and nu disco vibes, Le Galaxie has mastered a vastly distinct electronic style that will immediately captivate listeners.

Pleasure is a spectacular creation of art — the collection of eclectic pieces is a rarity that vehemently strays from the monotonous tone of the ordinary. Le Galaxie embodies a new era of dance music, one so different, ingenious, and original that the construction of each track flaunts a production full of stunning surprises including deep thumping syncopated beats, groovy rhythms, otherworldly waves of bass, and layers of breathtaking samples mixed together effortlessly.

Le Galaxie has engineered such an idiosyncratic masterpiece that it’s not out of the question to consider them pioneers of a new genre — a futuristic combination of highly energetic, rich, invigorating, resonance that powerfully moves in a dynamic light, unveiling a special oeuvre that gives off a totally hypnotizing feel.

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