Machinedrum – Hype UpMachinedrum

Machinedrum – Hype Up

Los Angeles producer¬†Machinedrum¬†released a dreamy, indie experimental original, “Hype Up.” The intoxicating track features fluttery beats, harmonic instrumentation, and future touches of pronounced synth. With colorful excerpts of distorted vocals and playful progressions, “Hype Up” captures an alluring feel and emotive structure. The piece is a dynamic production with many layers of textured sound, developing an overall unpredictable flow.

Machinedrum is known for his airy, infectious tone which is an expressive style full of surprises. His riveting originals and captivating remixes have mesmerized listeners for their innovative style and distinct groove. With his latest, Machinedrum adds yet another moving single to his arsenal of signature creations.

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