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Mija contorts Alice Glass’ ‘Without Love’ into bewitching drum ‘n’ bass

Amber Giles releases beguiling musical coalescences with immeasurable eloquence. Though Mija’s released music for years, she’s remained an aqueous amalgam, spilling over the sides of genres, and defying expectations altogether. Her most recent EP,  How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers, is the most ardent attestation to her craft. By entrusting her audience with her own vocals, Mija tapped into the dulcet and fitfully aggressive lyrical nature of her music, which oozes into her DJ sets, too. Befittingly, she was as equally heartfelt as she is immensely aggressive.

Mija’s now wielding her music as a weapon of unmasked solidarity for the former Crystal Castles frontwoman, Alice Glass.

Unsurprisingly, Giles bewitches in her remix for “Without Love,” honoring the woman she cites as a “role-model” with a severely downtempo drum ’n’ bass rendition which widens the track with newfound textural amassing and simultaneously reupholsters it into a staple underground piece. Although the track wades in the waters of melancholy, it doubles as a pronounced gesture towards the light at the end of the dark tunnel, especially with the support of other women along the way.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Ryan Farber

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